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I needed to get my original site, a holiday rental site, earning money.
I'd had a web design company create it several years before but it was way down the search engines and it was generating no bookings.
I could not afford the cost of a professional web site builder in this recession so I had to find a way to do it myself on a tiny budget. My First site 
<>  took 3 weeks to do start to finish and for a first time effort I am very proud of it and its generating rental income. My second site,(this one) <>  took 2 weeks to complete. And I am even more proud of it, proud enough to share how I did it with you. Here are some sites that can help you build a site.

Note, this is not the definitive guide on web site building but I have extensively researched the web on 'how to do this' and beware there are lots of web sites that promise a lot and donít deliver anything like the promises made. The recommendations that I am giving are personal and based on my experience over months research and through trial and error. So this page is dedicated to a list of the best help that I could find for free.

Blue Voda is a free web site builder with really easy to follow audio and video tutorials. You don't need any web  knowledge at all. They also provide VodaHost the hosting to go with it. Its a one stop shop.
So I can recommend BlueVoda, the only down side is that you have to host the site with them, which for me was not an issue as they provide a good hosting service. Itís a little more expensive that the hosting brand leader, but itís worth it in my opinion.
The best hosting site is JustHost, really cheap, however watch out for the add ons. Once you get into the site, they have a really powerful marketing machine that can cost you more than you need to spend. They also have a free site builder, but the instructions are not as idiot friendly as BlueVoda.

Blue Host
is in the top 10 hosting companies and also a safe, reliable choice.

Site Build It
is a really good all in one package for those trying to get into net marketing. If I had found this before Blue voda I would have invested. I will definitely invest for the next effort. See the really good introductory video.

Where to advertise your rental property.

Villa Renters
is a great site (only for property rentals) that will let you build a website free and they host it for free, also as a booking engine for property they are very, very good and FREE.

Holiday lettings
are a property rental site that charge to put your site on their engine but have good coverage.
Vacation Home are also a property rental site that will charge you for the privilege but they have great coverage and get results.
HomeAway and Holiday rentals  are  probably the best holiday rental portals
There are more out there but I have used these people now and can recommend them.

Happy Building! Web Hosting $6.95
Building your own web site can be rewarding, amateurs and beginners should read this before they try.
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